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Soy Melt Shot Pot Gift Pack

Image of Soy Melt Shot Pot Gift Pack

Never know which fragrances to choose for your soy melts?? This gift pack contains 8 soy melt shot pots. Each pot gives between 10-20 hours of delightful fragrance. Perfect to give as a gift or for yourself.
Choose from our Fruit Salad selection - a hand picked selection of fruity fragrances, our Floral Bouquet selection - a selection of floral fragrances, or select your own. Simply select 8 fragrances from the selection below and message me with your chosen selection.

Cinnamon Vanilla
Black Raspberry Vanilla
Sweet Orange & Chilli Pepper
Blackberry Bay
French Pear
Fig & Melon
Sex on the Beach
Bite Me
Fresh Peach
Love Spell
Lotus Flower
French Lavender
Pineapple Jasmine
Black Orchid
Coconut Lime
Pina Colada
Cherry Blossom
Citrus Zest
White Musk
Grapefruit & Mangosteen